Saturday, 2 July 2011

Blogging for business part 4

Continuing on from part one and 2-3

Chapter 4 introduces the importance of a searchable blog name. SEO is an area I still need to learn lots more about so this is pertinent for me even though I am not currently setting up a new blog. The book sets out four top requirements for name selection: firslty selecting something optimised for search, which he suggests using the keyword search within Google Adwords to do (narrow your search according to the target audience you are trying to reach, to help identify what words will make the site appear most frequently in search results); is brandable/recognisable; is short; stands out from the competition.

FYI I'm going to be skipping over chapters 5 and 6 as they don't apply to me at all right now: setting up on Wordpress and the top 8 required plugins.

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