Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blogging for Business parts 2-3

On reflection using my personal blog as a way to work through the exercises in Darren Rowse's latest ebook (see my first post on this from yesterday) isn't going to be useful, since it is primarily aimed at business bloggers. However given I downloaded it as a chance to rethink through choices I make at work, where it's relevant I'll use this blog for case studying, but where it isn't I'll just summarise what I will do back at the office.

Chapter 2 asks me to set up measurable objectives for the site: drive traffic, build brand, convert readers to customers etc. I have no such lofty aspirations for this site, although if I invest more time, then I would expect to see some associated uplift in traffic as a result.

At work, do our blogs have clearly defined goals and measurable targets? It's something we're working on quite hard right now, but how good are our evaluation criteria? Something to reassess.

Chapter 3 considers hosting your blog. I chose Blogger for this blog as I used Wordpress at work and wanted to learn a different platform. It was interesting to read the recommendation to always self-host your own business blog, I.e. Using rather than a 3rd party one. The reasoning is of course that on a hosted site you are always at the mercy of the host's t&c's. More to come on this in future posts.

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