Monday, 7 November 2011

For keeps

There is a post in Mashable ( about retaining talent in start ups, but are those pointers genuinely unique to start ups? It advises that buying a team into your vision is crucial. Well, I work for a middle-sized organisation, and that conversation is as current for me as for any start up. I'd say actually it is probably tougher, because the vision and values have had time to morph or be defused, which wouldn't happen in the early days of an organisation.

Secondly it talks about the need for recognition. Maybe this is more relevant for a start up, but I'd maintain that really, every good organisation should do this. It doesn't take much to say "thanks".

Finally it emphasises how important feedback is. I spent a week this summer learning about being a leader, where a big emphasis was placed on feedback. So, really, what is unique about this list to start ups?